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Anomalous Medical for Dentists

Get the same products you've seen other professionals use. Anomalous Medical for Dentists comes with everything you need to distort the dental anatomy, create interactive presentations and explore the anatomy. This bundle includes the Premium Features, Authoring Tools and Dental Simulations.

Premium Features

Take more control over the 3D anatomy with The Premium Features and enhance the exploration capabilities of Anomalous Medical.


Authoring Tools

The Authoring tools are an easy new way to make animations using our 3D Anatomy. Create amazing animations to present anatomical concepts.


Image Licenses

License Anomalous Medical 3D anatomy images for personal or commerical use. Use these images in presentations or for web purposes.


Piper Classifications

Follow along with Dr. Mark Piper as he explains The Piper Classifications of TMJ Derangements.


Muscles of Mastication

In this overview, you'll Learn about the primary and acessory muscles responsible for mastication.


Nerve Blocks

Animations show where precisely to inject a nerve-blocking agent to block nerves in the area of the head and neck.


Doppler Diagnosis

Animations guide users through the process of conducting a Doppler auscultation exam. Narration by Dr. Mark Piper.


Doppler Theory

An introduction to Doppler auscultation and how it's used to determine the condition of the TMJs.


Types of Bites

Learn about the most common types of bites encountered in dentistry.