Muscles of Mastication

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Sometimes it's not always easy to explain to someone how the facial muscles work.

Drawing the anatomy isn't always an best way to communicate either, but with the muscles of mastication smart lecture you can take the guess work out of it and show an accurate 3D anatomy model of the muscles in action.

Muscles of Mastication is a great 3D anatomy overview of the masticatory muscles. The smart lecture covers the primary and accessory muscles responsible for mastication. You can even interact with the 3D Anatomy models while the animation sequence plays.

The Muscles of Mastication include an overview of the following muscles: Masseter, Temporalis, Lateral Pterygoid, Medial Pterygoid, Digastric, Stylohyoid, Mylohyoid, Geniohyoid, Sternohyoid, Thyrodyoid, Omohyoid.

The Muscle

Learn where the muscle is located in the masticatory system.

3D masseter muscle

Muscle Parts

Learn what parts make up a particular facial muscle.

3D digastric muscle.

Muscle Origin

Learn where the point of orgin is for a particular muscle.

3D Temporalis Muscle.

Muscle Insertion

Learn where the point of insertion is for a particular muscle.

3D lateral pterygoid muscle.

Muscle Action

Learn how the muscle functions during a normal chewing sequence.

3D medial pterygoid muscle