Doppler Diagnosis with Dr. Mark Piper

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Follow along with Dr. Mark Piper as he narrates and guides you through the process of auscultating a patient's joint with the Doppler. The 3D Anatomy model demonstrates how patients should move their jaw during the exam. Example joint sounds of real TMJ patients let you hear what different pathologies in the joint sound like on the Doppler so you can grade the joints accurately. When you are finished grading the joint, you will get a piper stage result.

Position the Doppler

Doppler Diagnosis guides you in positioning the Doppler over the lateral and medial poles to determine the patient's degree of crepitus.

Grade the Crepitus

Choose your patient's joint sound.

Hear Example Joint Sounds

Dozens of TMJ patients were asucultated with the Doppler and recorded to provide the most accurate examples of crepitus. These examples are what you will most likely hear during an examination. Listen to the sounds as much as needed to familiarize yourself with what different pathologies in the joint sound like to avoid false positives and negatives.

Determine the Piper Stage

After listening to the joint and chooosing the type of crepitus you hear, Dr. Piper briefly explains the type of crepitation and the Piper Stage associated with it.

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