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Unlock more 3D Anatomy in Anomalous Medical when you buy the Premium Features. The free version only provides a system-based view of the body, but with the Premium Features you can break apart each system into its individual components. The Premium Features also come with bookmarks so you can easily save your favorite views.

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Buy only what you need. When you buy Smart Lectures, Simulations or Features like the Premium Features, it’s yours. No subscription fees to pay to keep using our 3D Anatomy software.

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Receive free lifetime updates on 3D Anatomy, Smart Lectures, Simulations and Features you own. Even if all you own is the free version of Anomalous Medical, you will get all the updates on new anatomy. Visit our blog for recent news and updates.

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Your success is our success. That’s why we offer free one-on-one training online to teach you how to use features and navigate around the 3D Anatomy in Anomalous Medical. Schedule a free training session or visit our learning center for tutorials and videos.


Smart Lectures See for yourself.

Smart Lectures are educational slideshows centered around the 3D Anatomy in Anomalous Medical. Our Smart Lecture developers are medical industry experts. We have Smart Lectures where you can learn about the teeth, the muscles of mastication and more. Check out the Store to see if there is a Smart Lecture for you.

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Simulation Wizards Distort Anatomy.

Show patients and colleagues how changes in the anatomy affect the body. With the Simulation Wizards, you can distort bone and move teeth to recreate a patient's pathology.

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The Anomalous Medical Product and Education Development (AMPED) Program is a partnership opportunity for students, teachers, healthcare professionals and organizations to create and distribute their educational Smart Lectures through a personalized Anomalous Medical store.

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Video Introduction

Take a momement to watch this brief introduction video on Anomalous Medical. It illustrates just how easy it is to move the 3D anatomy.


I use Anomalous Medical on a daily basis both in my interactions with patients as well as in my teaching. Anomalous Medical is the most insightful product that I had seen in the field of dentistry in my 30 years in practice.

Dr. Mark Piper, DMD, MD

Anomalous Medical is a great tool for helping patients understand how changes in the TM joint can affect the occlusion. The graphics are superb and easy to use. Highly recommended!

Dr. James McKee, DDS

"I've been using Anomalous Medical since it came out. It has proven an indispensable tool for teaching and communicating, as it perfectly illustrates joint derangements and the according mandibular and occlusal shifting. With it I’ve helped patients, dentists, and university professors understand the true effect of the TM joints on a patient's occlusion and whole life."

Dr. Alain Alube
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