Authoring Tools

This an overview of the Authoring Tools. These allow you to create slideshows using our 3d anatomy and any text and images you want to add. You can also create animated timelines that go with your slides.

  1. Text and Image Content Panel - Add paragraph text, heading text, images and triggers by dragging tasks into the panel.
  2. Taskbar - The Taskbar contains tasks to create new slides, headings, paragraphs, images and more in an animation.
  3. Slide Preview Panel - The Slide Preview Panels is where users can organize, preview and edit slides
  4. Stage - The Stage is the area where users can move the camera around the 3D anatomy models.

Task Bar Icons

Save Icon


Clicking on the Save task saves the animation to the destination folder specified by the user during document setup.

Undo Icon


Undo changes.

Redo Icon


Redo undone changes.


Add Heading

Adds a new heading to the Text and Image Content Panel.

Paragraph Icon


Adds a new paragraph to the Text and Image Content Panel.



Add a new Trigger to the Text and Image Content Panel.

Add Slide Icon

Add Slide

Adds a new slide to an animation.

Duplicate Slide Icon

Duplicate Slide

Duplicates an existing slide.

Remove Slide

Remove Slide

Remove an existing slide.

Capture Icon


Capture anatomy on a slide.

Edit Timeline Icon

Edit Timeline

Opens the Timeline Editor.

Present Icon

Present Beginning

Presents the animation from the Beginning.



Present animation from a selected slide.


Change Slide Layout

Change the layout of a slide. This allows you to add more panels where you can put content.


Edit Slideshow Theme

Edit the theme for each slide or the entire animation.


Reset Slide

Reset Slide to the Default anatomy view captured on the slide.

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