Explore the Human Body

Available on Windows and Android.



Navigate the human skeletal system and view detailed head anatomy. Anomalous Medical also features an accurate simulation of the movement of the mandible.



Create animations by combining your materials and expertise with our interactive 3D anatomy using the Authoring Tools.



Visit our learning center for more tutorials. These guides will help you learn how to navigate the software and create content.

Open Source

Anomalous Medical is open source software. You can freely download and change its code to suit your needs. You may distribute derived works of the source code, but the artwork is not licensed for distribution. You must link back to this project in order for people to get the artwork to go with your customized version. In addition all Anomalous Medical logos, icons and other artwork are Copyright 2020 Threax Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved. These items also cannot be distributed in derived works.

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