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A New Type of Teeth Model

Our teeth model is the most interactive model of the teeth you can get in a software package. The 3D teeth in Anomalous Medical are based on the average shape and dimension of all the teeth we have observed in person and from photographic resources. If you are considering buying a teeth model, learn more about the 3D Teeth in Anomalous Medical.

Old Teeth Models vs. New Teeth Models

Classic teeth Models are expensive and bulky. You could pay anywhere from $200 to $300 for an anatomical model of the teeth and gums. With our teeth model, you don’t need a place to store the model and you can take it with you wherever you go – as long as you have a laptop computer to run the software.

Group Selection vs. Individual Selection

When you download Anomalous Medical, you get all of the art assets in Anomalous Medical. When we add more art, you get it in the free update. The reason why we offer a free download is so you can see for yourself how the software works on your computer. The anatomy in the free version is limited to Group selection. For example, with group selection the teeth model is part of the skeletal system. You can’t hide the mandible, skull or maxilla if you only want to show the teeth.

You need the individual selection mode to highlight the teeth and hide the surrounding anatomy. The individual selection mode is available when you purchase and install the Premium Features. With individual selection you can also highlight a specific tooth or teeth and hide the rest. This is helpful if you just want to show the molars or maxillary teeth.

A More Interactive Teeth Model

One of the best things about using Anomalous Medical as a training and patient education program is the interactive models. Just like a teeth model you hold in your hand, you can spin our 3D anatomy models and zoom as close as you want in the 3-dimensional space.

The Anomalous Medical Teeth Model

Animations Featuring Teeth Model

We also have various educational animations where we use the teeth model to teach a concept or principle in dentistry, such as Types of Bites, Dental Orientation, Teeth Numbering Systems, and Joint Based Anterior Guidance.

There is also an opportunity for our users to make their own educational animations with the 3D teeth model and share it with the world through their own Anomalous Medical store page. For more information, check out the AMPED page.

At Anomalous Medical we are committed to providing the best interactive 3D Anatomy simulation experience for our users. Download the software for free today and check on the teeth model. If you have questions, feel free to contact us.