Who We Are

Anomalous Medical is a 3D modeling and publishing company specializing in creating interactive, real-time 3D anatomy graphics and simulations for the medical industry. Our products are made for professionals, students, patients or anyone who is interested in anatomy.

What We Do

At Anomalous Medical, we are changing the way medical professionals communicate with their colleagues and patients. We’ve combined educational resources from medical experts, traditional lectures, books, illustrations, photographs and animations to invent a digitally-based interactive 3D Anatomy platform. Our animations and simulations are designed to assist 21st century medical professionals in improving strategies to retain patients, attract new patients and improve production, efficiency and patient care. Features, animations, simulations and authoring tools which are developed in partnership with experts in the medical industry add further capabiities to the software.

Our Mission

  • Enhance the education experience for our users by providing an interactive 3D Anatomy software platform they can use to simulate and model disease and deformities for the purposes of teaching and learning;
  • Partner with highly-respected medical experts and specialists to develop new products;
  • Lead the medical education evolution through immediate and continuous quality improvement with input from our experts and users; and
  • Strive to be the leader in 3D Anatomy simulation and modeling software.