3D Dental Anatomy

3D Dental Anatomy by Anomalous Medical

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Get the 3D Dental Anatomy animation. In this animation, there are a few different views of the dental anatomy that you can rotate and zoom into in a three-dimensional space. To run this animation you will have to create an Anomalous Medical account and download the software for your PC or Mac. In a few minutes, you'll be exploring dental anatomy in 3D.

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Don't forget that you can see and interact with these views of anatomy when you get the 3D Dental Anatomy animation.

Anomalous Medical 3D Dental Anatomy Software is a Powerful Education Tool

Anomalous Medical is a real-time, interactive 3D simulation and animation platform dentists can use to recreate a patient's anatomy during a consultation; to demonstrate medical concepts and ideas to colleagues and students; to train clinical staff on medical procedures; and to create animations or lecture companions.

Anomalous Medical includes jaw anatomy, mandible anatomy, mouth anatomy, tooth anatomy, muslce anatomy, and more. All anatomy are accurate 3D model representations.

Anomalous Medical is free to download. When you downlaod the platform for your PC or MAC, you will be asked to create a user account. Take your user account anywhere. Your account is not tied to the computer. You can log onto any computer with Anomalous Medical Installed. We also have several simulations and animations available in the Anomalous Medical store. Visit the store to learn more about Anomalous Medical for Dentists


Simulation is at the heart of Anomalous Medical. Our 3D dental anatomy simulations allow users to manipulate masticatory system anatomy for the purpose of recreating conditions exibited by their patients.


Interactive 3D anatomy animations are easy to use. Animations can help teach medical concepts and procedures. Animations are also a great way to train clinical staff and students.

Image Licensing

license 3D Anatomy images and use them in presentations and websites.

Anomalous Medical 3D Dental Anatomy has several benefits for practicing dentists:

Educating Patients - With Anomalous Medical, dentist no longer have to waste valuable time drawing pictures of anatomy for patients. Dentist can immediately engage patients with stunning 3D dental anatomy in Anomalous Medical to ensure they understand the first time. Anomalous Medical 3D dental software can assist dentists in diagnosing a patient’s bite by simulating the patient’s occlusion. Show your patient the difference between normal and abnormal anatomy and the problems they may encounter in the future. Anomalous Medical will help to increase patient acceptance.

Teaching Colleagues and Students - License 3D dental anatomy images from Anomalous Medical to use in your study club, continuing education seminar, conference and classroom presentation. Your audience will appreciate how much the 3D anatomy images help illustrate the points you’re making in your lecture. Our image-rendering system is easy to use. When you’ve positioned the 3D Anatomical model how you want, save the image. You can buy images licenses in the Anomalous Medical store. Every time you save an image you use one of theses licenses.