Dental Orientation

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Dental Orientation is an overview of common terms used in the dental clinic to describe the orientation of dental anatomy. It's a great way for students and dental assistants to learn about the orientation of dental anatomy using an accurate 3D anatomy model.

Anatomical Terms

There are 18 Dental Orientation terms included: posterior teeth, labial, buccal, facial, palatal, lingual, mesial, distal, apical, coronal, maxillary, mandibular, dental midline, proximal, cervical, incisal, and occlusal. The menu makes it easy to navigate among the terms and 3D Anatomy.

3D masseter muscle


A definition is included with each term.

3D digastric muscle.

3D Anatomy

When you click on the term in the menu, a short animated loop plays to demonstrate the term using a 3D anatomy model.

3D Temporalis Muscle.