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The Anomalous Medical Product and Education Development (Amped) Program is a partnership opportunity for students, teachers, healthcare professionals and organizations to create and distribute for free or sell their educational Smart Lectures through their very own personalized Anomalous Medical store. For an overview on Amped, click here.

Types of Bites

Get our newest Smart Lecture. The Types of Bites Smart Lecture shows the most common bites encountered in dentistry. This is a great educational Smart Lecture for patients and students who are trying to understand the different types of bites. It includes several animations showing the change from a normal to an abnormal bite, such as overbite/overjet, underbite, openbite, gapped teeth, crowded teeth, and crossbite. You can Get the Smart Lecture here.

RIP Windows XP October 25, 2001 - April 8, 2014
With the Premium Features you gain more control over the individual anatomy in Anomalous Medical.

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The Smart Lecture Dental Bundle is the Premium Features, Dental Simulations and SmartLectures all rolled into one easy-to-purchase package.

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Smart Lectures Bundles Image Licenses Tutorials Training