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Anomalous Medical 2.2 Update Features Improved Teeth Simulation

The Anomalous Medical 2.2 Update includes improvements to overall performance and simulation products.

We have made the teeth more rigid. This has improved the teeth simulations, eliminating undesirable interference between the upper and lower teeth when the muscle forces are high. You can now better show guidance when protruding the jaw forward with the mandible movement controls.

Through optimization efforts to make the software use computer resources better, Anomalous Medical requires less power from a laptop’s battery and generates less heat on PC and Mac laptops and desktops.

If you already have Anomalous Medical and want the latest update, open your copy of Anomalous Medical. A pop dialog box should appear in the top-left corner of the screen. Click on the diaglog box and follow the prompts to update the software.

At Anomalous Medical, we are committed to improving our products and features, and we encourage our users to contact us with their feedback.

Watch a video of the new teeth simulation in action.

More than 6,000 Have Downloaded Anomalous Medical

We're pleased to announce we now have more than 6,000 registered users who have downloaded and used Anomalous Medical. We hope to reach 10,000 by Thanksgiving. How can you help? Word of mouth often works the best. Talk about Anomalous Medical on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. Share this newsletter. Tell your family, friends, colleagues and students about Anomaloud Medical and that It's free to download for PC and Mac.

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Piper Classification of TMJ Derangements

The Piper Classification of TMJ Derangements Smart Lecture covers the different Piper Stages using accurate 3D anatomy models of the disk and mandible along with animated sequences.Follow along with Dr. Mark Piper as he explains each stage in the Piper Classification of TMJ Derangements. You can use this Smart Lecture to explain to patients the different disk positions that may be contributing to their TMD problems. You can Get the Smart Lecture here.

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