A Smarter Way to Lecture

Smart Lecture gives health care providers the tools to make slideshow presentations for colleagues, students and patients with 3D art.

We are proud to announce our latest product Smart Lecture, a slideshow presentation editor based around real time 3D anatomy.

Smart Lectures change everything. Our Customers can now make their own slideshows with high-quality, interactive 3D anatomy to communicate with colleagues, educate patients and teach students about the medical issues they see every day for a low cost.

The goal of Smart Lecture is to save time and money for those who are considering using 3D anatomy in a slideshow, video or animation for training, educational or promotional purposes.

Whether you are a student preparing a presentation for class, a physician who regularly uses anatomical models to educate patients, or a physician explaining complex medical ideas to a group of colleagues at a continuing education seminar, Anomalous Medical’s Smart Lecture tools provide the 3D art assets and the presentation platform to communicate your message.

Smart Lecture fulfills our ongoing mission to provide an affordable turnkey 3D art and simulation solution. Smart Lecture is a flexible 3D Anatomy authoring tool that gives the author complete editorial control.

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A Case Study: The Piper Clinic

The Piper Clinic is an advanced treatment center for TMJ related problems and is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of temporomandibular joint (TMJ), occlusion (bite), and facial pain diagnosis and management.By using Anomalous Medical 3D Simulation Software, The Piper Clinic has improved patient communication. This improvement has led to a rise in new patient case acceptance.

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