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Anomalous Medical Software Updates

The latest software releases (Versions 1.6 and 1.7), featured the vascular system and lymphatic system anatomy in the head and neck.

In the Anomalous Medical 1.6 release, we featured vascular system anatomy in the head and neck region. This update included more than 70 veins and arteries on the left and right side of the head. In the Anomalous Medical 1.7 release, we featured lymphatic system anatomy in the head and neck region. This update included more than 30 lymph nodes on the left and right side.

The 3D anatomy models of the lymph nodes and vascular system are accurate representations of actual anatomy. You can spin the 3D models and zoom in really close to the lymph nodes, veins and arteries. If you don't have the most current Anomalous Medical release (Version 1.7), you can get it by opening the software and following the update instructions. These updates also include enhanced performance and security features to comply with ever-changing industry standards.

Anomalous Medical Launches Blog

We’ve worked hard for the last few years to develop accurate, 3D anatomy simulation software that's flexible and easy to use. Up until now, we've had no way to get the word out and let the world know about the 3D anatomy software we're building. That’s why we created the Anomalous Medical Blog. The blog is an outlet for us to provide users with valuable information several times a week. We showcase anatomy, apps, simulations and articles on how to use the software.

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