10 Ways to Improve Your Dental Lectures and Engage Your Audience

Whether you are lecturing a dozen times a year or only a couple, as a dental lecturer, it’s a good idea from time to time to reevaluate the methods you use to present information to colleagues and students. Using the most-up-to date technology and visuals as well as improving your stage presence can be the difference between a lecture that engages your participants and one that puts them to sleep.

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A Case Study: The Piper Education and Research Center

With Anomalous Medical, PERC was able to save time and money on creating slideshow presentations with 3D anatomy software as compared with 2-dimensional photos and illustrations. Students were better able to understand the concepts of Joint Based Occlusion when they they could see the anatomy in 3D from any point of view in real time. The temporomandibular joint is an area with a lot of moving parts, and dentists can sometimes find it difficult to visualize the anatomy in this area to determine what is happening to a patient. Using Anomalous Medical, Dr. Mark Piper has improved his courses, which has helped many dentists enrolled at PERC visualize how the jaw functions normally and abnormally when anatomy distortions are applied.

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