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Anomalous Medical Case Study: The Piper Clinic

Company Profile

The Piper Clinic is an advanced treatment center for TMJ related problems and is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of temporomandibular joint (TMJ), occlusion (bite), and facial pain diagnosis and management.

Business Situation

Because of the difficulty in explaining to patients the anatomy of the TMJ and the conditions that affect its function, The Piper Clinic wanted a 3D anatomy simulation solution. With accurate 3D anatomy models the Piper Clinic believed they could better educate patients about their anatomy and the conditions that can affect its function.

Technical Situation

In the past, the Piper Clinic used 2-dimensional hand-drawn illustrations to educate patients about TMD. The illustrations were expensive and time-consuming to create, and they did not always improve communication with the patient. Many patients had difficulty understanding and visualizing the anatomy even with illustrations.


With Anomalous Medical, clinic staff could interact with the 3D anatomy models of the TMJ in real-time while the patient watched. The patient was able to visulize the anatomy unlimited number of view points. Furthermore, the Dental Simulations provided even more explanation for patients by letting clinic staff distort the 3D models in Anomalous Medical based on the interpretation of the patient’s X-rays, CTs and MRIs.


By using Anomalous Medical 3D Simulation Software, The Piper Clinic has improved patient communication. This improvement has led to a rise in new patient case acceptance.

Anomalous Medical Products and Services Used

Case Studies

The Piper Clinic Recommends Anomalous Medical for Dentists.