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Anomalous Medical 3.0 Released

Now there's more anatomy to explore in Anomalous Medical on your phone, tablet or computer.

All 206 bones of the human skeleton!

Anomalous Medical 3.0 features a complete interactive skeleton, higher-resolution graphics and cross platform support. This release greatly expands the capabilities of the program. Adding support for most popular devices. Anomalous Medical is now available on Windows, Android, iPad and Mac. IOS 9 Multitasking is also available on supported devices. iPhone support is pending approval from Apple.

Support issues:
  • Dropped support for OSX 10.7. Recommend upgrading to the latest version of OSX
  • Dropping support for Windows Vista after April. Recommend upgrading to the latest version of Windows.
  • Dropping support for versions of Anomalous Medical before 3.0 after April. Recommend updating to the latest version of Anomalous Medical.