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Build successful 3D Anatomy Smart Lectures you can sell

Getting paid for your expertise has become a powerful incentive to create something of value and sell it on the Internet.

Whether it’s a handmade quilt, home décor or an educational smart lecture to explain a concept in medicine, people will pay a premium for something that they see has great value.

You may have heard of Etsy or Shapeways and a dozen others websites like them. Etsy is a site where crafters can create a store and sell hand-made items. Members pay Etsy a 5 percent commission on each sale. Shapeways is>similar to Etsy except their members sell 3D models. Shapeways uses 3D printers to create the model out of any material (plastic, gold, silver, etc..,) the customer chooses.

Anomalous Medical has embarked on a similar program called AMPED. The Anomalous Medical Product and Education Developer program seeks to enlist experts who want to use our 3D anatomy to develop their own Smart Lectures and sell them in the Anomalous Medical store. Here is an example a developer’s store.

Smart Lecture comparing the neantherthal skull to the human skull In the image above (click on it for a larger view) I uploaded a picture of a neantherthal skull so I could compare it to the human skull in the program. I could add more text to the lecture to point out the differences between the brow and the maxilla of the neantherthal and human skull. You can also spin the human skull around to see it from all angles.

What is a Smart Lecture?

Let me explain. A smart lecture is a slide show presentation plugin in Anomalous Medical. It works kind of like Power Point, except there is an impressive, interactive 3D anatomy component. You create as many slides as you want. Each slide can contain text and images in the text content area and anatomy and simulated animations on the stage (the area for the interactive 3D anatomy).

This is a new concept, but if you are serious about putting your knowledge and expertise in a Smart Lecture to share with the world, we can make that happen. We offer free one-on-one training at the moment for anyone who has at least bought the Smart Lecture Tools and Premium Features. The startup investment is quite low ($150 minimum). We charge a flat $20 distribution fee on each Smart Lecture sale, while you get the mark up price you set. Each party always gets paid what the same. The cost to set up, maintain and host your store always comes out of our fee.

You want to create an anatomy overview for your students? You want to show how the jaw functions? You want to show patients and colleagues how a disk displacement affects the occlusion?

We can help you do that.

At the moment, only the head and neck anatomy is available. If you need 3D anatomy that we don’t have, don’t fret. We are currently working on adding more 3D anatomy. Download Anomalous Medical and sign up for the newsletter to keep up-to-date on all the development news.

If you are interested in learning about AMPED, please contact us to get started.