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3D Anatomy Simulation Software for Lecturers and Presenters in Dentistry

Anomalous Medical is a powerful, interactive 3D anatomy software program dental professionals can use to effectively educate their patients and colleagues using accurate anatomical models and simulations.


First things first. Download the free 3D Anatomy software version of Anomalous Medical. This will allow you to see if the software works on your computer and if there are any technical issues we need to resolve before you start purchasing products. Any computer bought in the last two years should have no problem running the software. Anomalous Medical will only run on PCs or Macs. It does not currently run on the iPad.

Premium Features

The free version has limited capabilities. If you want to unlock more capabilities in the software, we recommend buy the Premium Features. This will allow you to select individual anatomy, create bookmarks and more.


Simulations are one of the most powerful aspects of Anomalous Medical. A simulation allows you move and distort the anatomy. The Dental Simulations, for example, will let you manipulate and distort the jaw and joint anatomy so you can show how pathological conditions affect the occlusion.

Smart Lecture Tools

The Smart Lecture Tools has to be one of the coolest products we’ve created. This plugin allows you to create your own slide show presentations. It’s kind of like a Power Point but only better. You can create presentations for your next lecture or for your next patient with our interactive 3D anatomy and simulations taking center stage.

Bundle It

Buy only what you need or bundle it up in one quick and easy transaction. We recommend dental professionals buy the Dental Bundle or the Smart Lecture Dental Bundle.

Schedule a Demo

The best way to demo the interactive capabilities of Anomalous Medical is to download the software for free. However, If you want to see the paid features and simulations, feel free to schedule a demo.

Customer Success

We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers get the most benefit out of our software. That’s why we provide free one-on-one training to teach you how to use the software effectively and help you trouble-shoot technical issues when they arise. Schedule a free training session.

Become a Developer

Some of our lectures have created Smart Lectures and want to share them with an audience beyond those in their immediate circle influence. That’s why we created the AMPED program. For more information on AMPED and how you can sell your Smart Lecture presentations to a world-wide audience, Read more about AMPED.

Visit the Store

You can get started now. Visit the store and go to the page of the product you want to buy. We have also bundled products to make it easier to add all the products you need to your account

Contact Us

If you have any questions the software or what hardware you should buy to run the software, please contact David Donald, director of sales and marketing, at 727-614-0122 or email

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