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Joint-Based Anterior Guidance Smart Lecture released

We're proud to announce the release of our latest Smart Lecture now available in the Anomalous Medical store. We partnered with the Piper Education and Research Center to create a Smart Lecture that shows what happens to Anterior Guidance when the joint is distorted.

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The Smart Lecture begins by showing the model with a normal occlusion. Users are prompted to play animations showing normal canine and incisal guidance. But what happens to the canine and incisal guidance when the disk is dislocated? Animations show how the back teeth will fail to separate resulting in a posterior interference. When the teeth come into contact they highlight blue so it's easy to see where the teeth are touching or not touching.

This interactive 3D anatomy Smart Lecture presentation on Joint-Based Anterior Guidance is a great for patients or medical professionals who want to learn more about how joint problems can affect anterior guidance.

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