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Anomalous Medical version 2.4 update

The Anomalous Medical UI has a new look, and we've added several features, such as layer and camera angle controls, bookmark folder management and advanced Anatomy Finder search options, to improve anatomy exploration.

Now when you are exploring the anatomy you can return to a previous camera angle or layer of anatomy. If you move the anatomy to another position, you can use the undo or redo button in the View dialog to cycle through your previous positions. The View dialog is new to the program and allows users to click on seven pre-defined camera anagles, such as front, back and right side. If you change layers, you can use the undo or redo button in the Anatomy Finder dialog to cycle through your previous layer changes. The anatomy finder also has a new filtering system so users can choose what systems, regions and classifications, and structures of the body they want to search. You can also pin the Anatomy Finder to the stage to keep it open while exploring anatomy.

We've also made individual anatomy selection easier to use. In older versions of Anomalous Medical users had to click a button to toggle between group and individual anatomy selection. When you double click on anatomy now you can cycle between group and individual selection. For example, if you select the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the Context Window appears showing what anatomy group it belongs to. Click again to show the Context Window for the individual anatomy you’ve selected.

For our users who have the Premium Features, managing bookmarks is now a lot easier. You can now create custom folders and then drag and drop your bookmarks into them.

At Anomalous Medical, we are committed to improving our products and features, and we encourage our users to contact us with their feedback.