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3D Digital Head and Neck Software Uses Dental Injection Simulator

The Glasglow Shool of Art’s Digital Design Studio in Scotland unveiled a new 3D Digital Head and Neck software program in April that will allow students and clinical trainees to interact with 3D anatomy models in real-time to learn about anatomy and diagnostic techniques and procedures.

But what’s really cool about this 3D anatomy software is the interactive dental injection simulator, a hardware device connected to the computer that communicates with the software. This simulator provides tactile feedback just as if the student were holding a syringe and injecting an anesthetic into a real patient. As the student delivers the local anesthetic, the software lets them know if it was successfully and safely administered.

The program was commissioned from the Digital Design Studio at the GSA by NHS Education for Scotland.

Check out the video below.

Using the dental injection simulator from The Glasgow School of Art on Vimeo.