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Happy Pi Day

Almost everyone can at least remember the first three numbers that give our irrational friend its identity: 3.14.

This never-ending ratio gives the circles, spheres, cones and polygons in our world meaning. Every year computational power increases. So far, mathematicians have extended the decimal representation of pi to over 10 trillion (1013) digits.

At Anomalous Medical, we’d like to pay tribute to Archimedes’ Constant. The experiments carried out over the centuries to investigate the properties of pi have contributed to advancements in trigonometry and geometry. These advancements have helped shape a modern world dominated by computers.

It’s advancements like these that have enabled us to make the real time 3D anatomy in Anomalous Medical. Our 3D anatomy simulation software has already helped hundreds of dentists around the world better communicate with their patients and colleagues about the effects disease and deformity have on the temporomandibular joint.

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Our rendering engine performs millions of calculations per second for each frame to draw the 3D models and simulations in real time. Our users can rotate and zoom into the 3D Anatomy models as if they were holding them in their hand. Almost any PC or Mac manufactured in the last two years is capable of running our software. The technology in today’s tablets, such as the iPad and most Android tablets, have some catching up to do before they are capable of running our software. The only way to run our software on a tablet currently is to use a desktop streaming application like splashtop.

The head and neck region of the body is nearly complete, and plans are underway to flesh out the rest of the body from head to toe. Even if we don’t have the anatomy people want, we still encourage them to download the free version of the software and sign up for the newsletter to keep up to date on the latest 3D anatomy releases. Our newsletter goes out at least once a month. We don’t believe in overwhelmingly contributing to inbox clutter.