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Website Improvements Enhance Customer Experience.

We're proud to announce some significant changes to that improve store browsing and viewing on a mobile device.

Anomalous Medical is growing. We are adding more high resolution quality anatomy to the program and working on more great features, apps and simulations. The changes we have made to the store will enable us to better serve the needs of our customers visiting the website.

Changes to the store include:

  1. Adding Search Capabilities - Customers can now seaerch our product listings using specific keywords. This allows visitors to see if apps are available for their particular discipline.
  2. Adding Bread Crumbs - Bread crumbs let you know how deep you have browsed into the store.
  3. Improving Category Listing Index - Improved categorization allows customers to see hoe may products exist in each category.

The smartphone and tablet markets have exploded over the last few years, and we wanted to give our users an easy way to view the website on a mobile device. Instead of creating a completely separate mobile website, we implemented a more reactive design. The reactive design responds to the screen size of the device. No more pinching, zooming and panning to read the blog or browse the Anomalous Medical store.

Anomalous Medical version released to fixe bug for non-English speaking customers when creating bookmarks.