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We were digging through our archive of software releases and stumbled upon the Articulometrics prototype, and because it’s been exactly five years since we embarked upon this incredible journey to develop an interactive 3D anatomy simulation program, we wanted to share our humble beginnings with you.

Articulometrics was the precursor to Anomalous Medical. It was developed in partnership with Dr. Mark Piper, DMD, MD, a TMJ surgeon, to help illustrate his concepts of Joint Based Occlusion. A little rough around the edges, Articulometrics is the foundation for the anatomy, simulations and editors found in Anomalous Medical today.

I recorded the following video of me banging around on some of the controls in the prototype to manipulate the anatomy. It’s was amazing, although not surprising, how vastly different the look and feel of Articulometrics is to Anomalous Medical; however, there are a few similarities.

The simulations still exist, but the large simulation controls that obstruct the view of the anatomy are gone.

It’s been our mission from the beginning to develop the most advanced simulations to enable real time exploration of the human body and the diseases and dysfunction that affect it.

With the increased ability to model disease using real time simulations, we wanted to give our customers the ability to understand and explain complex relationships in a 3-dimensional space. It’s our primary goal for Anomalous Medical to become the go-to-medium for communication among medical professionals, students, and patients when it comes to human anatomy.