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Anomalous Medical Version 1.8 Featuring Smart Lectures

Anomalous Medical has released a revolutionary new slideshow presentation tool centered around real time 3D Anatomy.

It's called Smart Lecture.

Smart Lecture can be used to create presentations to communicate with colleagues, eductate patients and teach students about the complex medical issues seen every day.

Any one interested in anatomy can use Smart Lecture to create a 3D Anatomy slideshow. It's really easy to use. You create your slide, add text and images, optinally create an animated time line and present it to an audience.

Anomalous Medical recommends anyone who wants to use Smart Lecture tools should also purchase or previously purchased Premium Features or the Dental Bundle for the best Smart Lecture creation experience.

Smart Lecture Editor Mode

Editor Mode

This is what Smart Lecture looks like in editing mode.

Smart Lecture Presentation Mode

Presentation Mode

This is what Smart Lecture looks like in presentation mode.