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TMJ Disk and Mandible Function

Anomalous Medical is the only 3D anatomy simulation program to show a 3D TMJ disk and mandible functioning accurately during translation. The TMJ simulation was created in parternership with Dr. Mark Piper, DMD, MD, to further understanding into how the TMJ and mandible function. The protrusion sequence in the video is one of several movement sequences available with the Dental Simulations.

Dr. Piper has used Anomalous Medical 3D anatomy and Dental Simulations extensively at the Piper Clinic during patient consultations to help explain the anatomy and how defects and deformities in the disks, condyles and mandible can lead to malocclusion, i.e. bad bite.

If you are a dental student or dentist interested in Anomalous Medical's 3D anatomy to understand the jaw anatomy better, visit the About Us page to learn more and contact us directly. We would be more than happy to discuss our 3D anatomy software and how it can help you learn and improve patient communication.

If you are a patient, who wants to know more about TMJ disorder, call the Piper Clinic at 727-823-3220 or visit their website at The Piper Clinic Anomalous medical is a 3D anatomy simulation and digital publishing company.