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8 Reasons Why You Should Use Anomalous Medical 3D Anatomy

You can’t go anywhere today without seeing some form of 3D technology being used to educate, entertain and inform audiences. The military uses it. Drug companies use it. Medical equipment manufactures use it. Hollywood uses it. At Anomalous Medical, it’s our mission to democratize 3D anatomy so anyone can use it to educate their patients and peers. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider using Anomalous Medical.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use Anomalous Medical 3D Anatomy
  1. Create your own 3D anatomy apps and lectures – Create your own educational materials instead of relying on someone else's. Bring your expertise to life in a 3D anatomy app or lecture with animations using Anomalous Medical’s Smart Lecture. We provide the art and the tools and you provide the medical knowledge.

  2. Sell and share apps and lectures – If you make an app or lecture, you can either sell it or share it for free. Selling an app or lecture is compensation for your hard work, while sharing valuable content is a great way to engage your audience. Ask us how you can sell and share apps and lectures you've made in the Anomalous Medical store.

  3. Provide better visulization – Sometimes a photo, illustration or text fails to provide the visualization necessary for someone to understand a concept. With Anomalous Medical, patients and colleagues can interact with the anatomy in the apps and lectures you create by zooming in and rotating the models. Seeing anatomy in this way can provide the visualization they need to understand new concepts. Try to rotate the anatomy in a photograph or video. It's not possible. In Anomalous Medical it is.

  4. Save time - Making 3D anatomy art from scratch can be time consuming. Not only do you need to be a pretty good artist, but you have to know how to use the latest 3D modeling software. We’ve created the anatomy and editors to make it easy for you to make content.

  5. Save Money - You could hire a 3D animation studio to create a very nice animation, but thats too expensive (almost $1,250 for every minute of video.) With the Smart Lecture tools, you can create as many apps and lectures with animations for as little as $150.

  6. Flexibility – After making your app and lecture, change the anatomy view and slide show text at any time in a matter of minutes. It's not so easy to edit video or illustration with out paying more.

  7. Wow Factor – Anomalous Medical is cool. The stunningly accurate 3D models help to facilitate engagement with anyone participting in a lecture or learning sessions. The get their own copy of Anomalous Medical. The program is free, and any apps or lectures they purchase can be view with it. Engaging patients and colleagues with 3D anatomy apps and lectures can help to promote understanding.

  8. You live in the 21st Century – If you haven’t thought about using 3D anatomy in your patient education materials and lectures, you probably should. Today’s technology makes it possible to create tools anyone can use to make their own 3D anatomy apps and lectures for an affordable cost.

If you want to create your own apps and lectures but don’t know how to get started, feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation and demonstration.