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Doppler App Bundle Released

Doppler Diagnosis App.

The Doppler Diagnosis with Dr. Mark Piper app has undergone some cosmetic changes to make it easier for users to navigate. We also created a more in-depth app on the theory of Doppler auscultation. You can buy them together in our Bundle or individually as Doppler Diagnosis with Dr. Mark Piper and Doppler Theory.

The Doppler Diagnosis with Dr. Mark Piper is one of our guided examination apps. Dr. Mark Piper, MD, D.M.D. narrates as he guides users through the process of Doppler Auscultation. We worked with Dr. Piper to acquire real Doppler sounds from his and to match up those sounds perfectly with the opening and closing of the 3D Anatomy model’s mouth. These examples have enabled our customers who want to incorporate Doppler Auscultation into their practice an easy way to familiarize themselves with joint sounds.

To further shed light on the techniques and theory behind Doppler Auscultation, we created the Doppler Theory App. For anyone who is learning Doppler Auscultation, the Doppler Theory app gives an overview of Doppler theory and shows techniques, such how to position the patients head, how to palpate the TMJ and how to position and move the Doppler transducer. This app is based on lectures and techniques developed by Dr. Mark Piper.

Doppler Theory App