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We’ve been working hard for the last four years to develop accurate, 3D Anatomy simulation software that is flexible and easy to use. Up until now, we haven’t had a way to really get the word out and let the world know about some of the great 3D Anatomy products we are working on at Anomalous Medical.

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If you are learning about us for the first time, read more to learn about what we’ve been working on for the last four years.

Free Version of the Software

3D Anatomy Software Free.

We wanted to offer an easy way for people to try our software, so we decided to offer a free version of our 3D anatomy software to encourage people to try it. This enables everyone to see if the software runs on their computer before they buy. Anomalous Medical runs on both PC and Mac. It will even run on a tablet device if you are using a streaming application like Splashtop. You can read the system requirements here to see if your PC or Mac can run the software.

Advanced Features

Bookmarks make it easy to return to previously viewed 3D Anatomy.

We added advanced anatomy viewing and presentation tools. While the free version gives an awesome overview of the anatomy, you would need to the buy the Premium Features plugin to unlock many of the software’s other features, such as individual anatomy selection, bookmarks to save your anatomy views, the ability create and save medical states and more.

Educational Apps

3D Anatomy Educational Apps

We began creating apps to answer questions, such as “Where are the Muscles of Mastication?” An app explains and shows anatomy, medical concepts and procedures by combining textbook knowledge and 3D anatomy animations you can interact with in real-time. You can visit the Apps section in our shop to browse through a list of Apps created by us and our product and education development partners.

Simulation Tools for Clinicians

Simulations tools let you model medical conditions.

Simulations are designed to give the clinician a platform to model disease and deformity for diagnostics and patient education purposes. The Dental Simulations, for example, let dental professionals model occlusal diseases and temporomandibular joint disorders by distorting the dental and jaw anatomy to show how it affects jaw function.

Anomalous Medical Images

3D Anatomy images.

We noticed many medical industry professionals are also part-time artists. They spend countless hours drawing anatomy or hire an artist at a large expense to create art for presentations and lectures to communicate their ideas. Needless to say, sometimes it’s hard to draw anatomy accurately enough to explain complex concepts of anatomy. That’s why we released an easy to use image rendering tool in the software that allows our customers to capture stunningly accurate 3D Anatomy images. Learn more about our Personal Image Licenses.

Creation Tools to make apps

Use 3D Anatomy to make your own educational apps.

We wanted to offer the exact same Creation Tools we use to make our apps. If you don’t see an app you want, you can create it with the Creation Tools. You may also want to consider sharing in the revenue by becoming an Anomalous Medical Product and Educational Developer and create apps to sell in our shop.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide easy to use software for anyone interested in anatomy. Our goal is to inspire the future as well as the present generation of medical practitioners with a tool that allows them to explore the body in a new way. Whether it’s an elementary school student, college student, resident, or medical professional, Anomalous Medical is a comprehensive 3D Anatomy viewer and simulation tool that furthers learning and understanding of the complex systems of the body. It’s been an evolution, and it’s our mission to continue evolving by creating more and more 3D anatomy, apps and simulations. We are changing the way the world looks at anatomy