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Version 1.7 Release: Featuring Lymph Node Anatomy

Find all the lymph node locations with Anomalous Medical

The latest Anomalous Medical release includes 3D Anatomy of the lymphatic system in the head and neck region. The 3D anatomy models of the lymph nodes are accurate representations of actual anatomy. Spin the 3D models and zoom in really close to the lymph nodes.

The free version of Anomalous Medical only allows viewing anatomy by system. For example you can view the lymphatic system of the head and neck in the free version, but you can't select the individual lymph nodes.

If you want to select the lymph nodes behind the ear or occipital lymph node to view them separately from the rest of the anatomy, for example, you will need the Premium Features. With the premium features, you can also select each lymph node individually and bookmark them to view later. The images below illustrate how you can look at the lymph nodes in Anomalous Medical with (left) or without (right) the premium features. Click on the images to enlarge.

The Occipital Lymph Nodes The lymphatic System

The lymph Nodes available in this anatomy update include:

  • Anterior submandibular Lymph Nodes
  • Deep Superior Cervical Lymph Nodes
  • Jugulodigastric Lymph Nodes
  • Middle Submandibular Lymph Nodes
  • Paratracheal Lymph Nodes
  • Postsubmandibular Lymph Nodes
  • Retroauricular Lymph Nodes
  • Submental Lymph Nodes
  • Superficial Cervical Lymph Nodes
  • Facial Lymph Nodes
  • Juguloomohyoid Lymph Nodes
  • Occipital Lymph Nodes
  • Parotid Lymph Nodes
  • Preauricular Lymph Nodes
  • Subauricular Lymph Nodes

Other Software Updates:

We've enahanced performance and security for this release to comply with the everchanging industry standards. Our existing users can log into their accounts on the website to recieve the security updates. Users who registered for an account prior to 12/14/2012 will need to login to their account on the website to receive these benefits.

If your are having trouble downloading the new version from within the software, visit the download page on the website to download the software.