Teeth Anatomy

Anomalous Medical is a great way to explore teeth anatomy. With the free version you can view the maxillary and mandibular teeth and the anatomy that surrounds them. For a more in-depth view, the Premium Features will let you select each tooth individually and isolate specfic anatomy strutures related to the teeth.

3D Teeth Anatomy

In this screenshot, the orbicularis oris, or lip muscles, have been hidden to reveal labial surface of the teeth. This view is not possible without the Premium Features. You would need the Premium Features to select the orbicularis oris and hide it.

Teeth Anatomy

In this screenshot, all of the anatomy surrounding the teeth has been hidden.

Maxillary and Mandibular Teeth Anatomy

The maxillary and mandibular teeth have been rotated to show a buccal veiw of the posterior teeth in this screenshot.

Posterior Teeth Anatomy

This screenshot shows a posterior view of the teeth anatomy.

Mandibular Teeth Anatomy

In this screenshot, the maxillary teeth have been hidden to show the occlusal surface of the mandibular teeth.

Teeth Anatomy

With the individual anatomy selection tool that comes with the Premium Features, you can select any of the teeth and highlight them for closer inspection.

Teeth Anatomy Simulations

This screenshot shows the linear and rotational movement simulation to match the model dentition to the patient's. The Dentition Wizard comes with the Dental Simulations.

Teeth Anatomy

This screenshot shows the Dental Orientation animation. This animation provides 18 commonly used dental orientation sequences and definitions.

The best way to experience Anomalous Medical is to download the free version of the software. Click on the get started button below to download Anomalous Medical for PC or Mac.

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