Neck Anatomy

Anomalous Medical is a great tool for exploring neck anatomy. Explore 3D models of the cercial spine, neck muscles, wind pipe and more. Rotate, zoom in and hide anatomy of the neck. First, we recommend getting started with the free version of the software for basic system overview exploration. For more avanced exploration features, get the Premium Features and unlock individual anatomy selection, bookmarks and more.

External skin layer of the neck anatomy.

When opening Anomalous Medical for the first time, the model appears with the external skin layer turned on. Clicking the left mouse button on the skin will make the External Anatomy diaglogue box appear. Sliding the transparency slider to the left will make the external skin layer transparent.

External skin layer transparent.

When the external skin layer is transparent, it reaveals the anatomy underneath.


Anomalous Medical is categorized by system. In this screenshot, the airway system has been higlighted for further exploration. The rest of the neck anatomy is still there but hidden by adjusting the transparency settings.

Cervical Spine

In this screenshot, the cervical spine has been highlighted for more exploration. even though the rest of the neck anatomy surrounding the spine is hidden, you can rotate, zoom into and manipuate parts of the spine (You can only manipulate parts of the spine if you have the Premium Features).

Anterior View of the Neck anatomy

This screenshot shows an anterior view of the neck with out the external skin layer on.

Circulatory system of the head and neck anatomy

In this screenshot the circulatory system of the head and neck is has been highlighted. The right common carotid artery and left internal jugular vein have also been selected. The Premium Features are required to selected individual pieces of neck anatomy.

The best way to experience Anomalous Medical is to download the free version of the software. Click on the get started button below to download Anomalous Medical for PC or Mac.

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