Mouth Anatomy

Exploring mouth anatomy is easy with Anomalous Medical. Rotate, zoom into and hide anatomy to get the exact viewing angle of the anatomy of the mouth you want. Anomalous Medical renders in real time, so there is no waiting for anatomy to move into position. Download the Free Version of Anomalous Medical for basic anatomy exploration. For advance anatomy exploration, such as individual anatomy selection and saving bookmarks, buy the Premium Features

Mouth Anatomy with skin

This screenshot shows the mouth with the external skin. Hide the skin to reval the mouth anatomy underneath.

Mouth Anatomy Muscles

This screenshot shows the mouth anatomy after hiding the external skin. You can see the mouth muscles responsible for facial expression.

Open Mouth Anatomy

Use the Mandible movement controls to open and close the mouth and show lateral excursion to the left and right. The Mandible Movement controls come with the Dental Simulations.

Mouth Anatomy Interior

Tilting the camera upward shows more of the mouth anatomy, such as the roof of the mouth, uvala and tonsils

Mouth Anatomy Interior

Rotating and the model and changing the angle of the camera shows different areas of the mouth anatomy.

Mouth Anatomy Interior

Rotating the model to the other side shows another angle of the mouth interior.

Mouth Anatomy

This screenshot shows the mouth anatomy with the rest of the surrounding anatomy hidden from view.

The best way to experience Anomalous Medical is to download the free version of the software. Click on the get started button below to download Anomalous Medical for PC or Mac.

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