3D Anatomy

Anomalous Medical is an incredible 3D anatomy educaton software program. It's a great way to explore anatomy of the human body in 3D. There are several ways to use Anomalous Medical. We offer a free download for PC and Mac. This is the first step in evaluating the software to see if it has the anatomy you need and if it can run on your computer. The free anatomy version allows you to explore the human body by each system.

If we have the anatomy you need and you want to go more indepth and unlock the anatomy in each system, Buy the Premium Features. The Premium Features come with several tools to maximize the 3D anatomy exploration experience, such as invidual anatomy selection and creating bookmarks.

The more advanced features of Anomalous Medical include the Authoring Tools and Simulations. These tools are a great way for doctors, teachers and students to simulate disease and conditions of the human body and create animations and lectures to teach patients and students.

3D Anatomy Circulatory System

This screenshot shows the circulatory system in the head and neck with the mandible and teeth semi-transparent.

3D Anatomy Muscular System

In the free version you can see the entire muscluar system. The Premium Features are required to click on the indivudal muscles.

3D Anatomy Cervical Spine

In this screenshot, the cervical spine is front and center. With the premium features you can select the C2 vertebrae and hide the rest of the spine. Higlighting individual anatomy gives the user an opportunity to rotate the model and see every detail.

3D Anatomy Respiratory System

This screenshot shows the 3D anatomy of the respiratory system in the head and neck. The mandible and teeth transparencies are on to show the relationship with the airway.

3D Anatomy Nervous System

This screenshot shows the nervous system in the head.

3D Anatomy Respiratory System

This screenshot shows an unobstructed view of the respiratory system.

3D Anatomy Lymphatic System

In this screenshot, the 3D anatomy of the lymphatic system takes center stage. With the Premium Features you can select lymph node and lymphatic duct for closer inspection.

Experience Anomalous Medical with the free version of the software. Click on the button below to get started with downloading Anomalous Medical for the PC or Mac.

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